Welcome to Eastpoint Services, where we empower construction enterprises with top-tier heavy machinery solutions. From complex excavations to heavy lifting, our fleet – including 4 Gradall machines, 4 dump trucks, 4 flatbed trucks, a 200-ton mobile crane, and a state-of-the-art excavator – ensures your projects are executed with precision and efficiency. Let Eastpoint be your trusted partner in delivering excellence on every job site.

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Placement of Large
Traffic Barriers

At Eastpoint LLC, we bring years of experience to the strategic placement of large traffic barriers, including Traditional Concrete Barriers (TCBs). With the expertise of our dedicated team, we not only ensure precision and safety in positioning but also secure installation, utilizing our Gradall machines and flatbed trucks for effective transportation and deployment of these traffic barriers. Rely on Eastpoint’s proven track record for paramount safety and accuracy in your highway construction and maintenance projects.

Support Installing Barriers
and Guardrails

At Eastpoint LLC, we provide specialized support services tailored for businesses engaged in guardrail and barrier installations. While we don’t handle the actual installations, our expertise lies in preparing the groundwork, ensuring that the terrain is optimally set up for accurate and secure placement of these crucial safety structures. Our assistance proves invaluable in both highway construction and renovation projects, ensuring a seamless process for the subsequent installation teams.

200 tons móvil crane

Eastpoint LLC is proud to feature our 200-ton mobile crane service, expertly designed to tackle the heaviest of lifts with unmatched precision and safety. Whether you’re in the midst of constructing skyscrapers, assembling large industrial machinery, or placing massive infrastructure components, our seasoned team ensures smooth and efficient operations for every project. With the capacity to facilitate structural erections or relocate monumental objects, Eastpoint’s 200-ton mobile crane is your heavyweight solution for a wide range of endeavors.

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Land Prep for Drainage

At Eastpoint LLC, our niche expertise lies in providing essential land preparation services for drainage construction in both urban and residential landscapes. While we don’t handle the actual construction of drainage systems, our forte is in meticulously preparing the terrain using our reliable excavator machinery. This ensures a primed and optimal setting, paving the way for other firms to smoothly execute the construction phase. Trust in Eastpoint to set the foundation for your drainage construction needs.

Gradalls, Excavation, Grading:

At Eastpoint LLC, we pride ourselves on delivering expert services in Gradalls, excavation, and grading. Harnessing our fleet which includes 4 Gradall machines, 4 dump trucks, 4 flatbed trucks, and a state-of-the-art excavator, our seasoned team skillfully shapes the landscape to your project’s exact specifications. From crafting perfect foundations to fine-tuning land elevations, Eastpoint ensures that every construction project starts on a meticulously prepared ground with the best machinery at our disposal.

Medium Scale Demolitions

At Eastpoint LLC, we are experts in medium-scale demolition services. Focusing on the careful dismantling of mid-sized homes and cabins, our seasoned team harnesses the power of our reliable Gradall machinery. Importantly, we prioritize safety and precision by opting not to use dynamite — relying solely on our advanced machines for efficient demolitions. Choose Eastpoint to pave the path for your new ventures with unmatched expertise

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